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Our Vision

“We strive to develop the human capital enriched with legal literacy of Sri Lanka to the top level in Asia and to develop the legal profession with an intelligent new generation while respecting the human capital more than the financial capital”

Law College Entrance
Sri Lanka Law College is the only professional body of legal education in Sri Lanka, which holds the sole authority for conducting the exams for Attorney’s-At-Law.

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LL.B Degree Entrance
LL.B degree, Bachelor Of Laws of full form in English and Legum Baccalaureus of full form in Latin is an undergraduate degree in law.

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Law Collage Entrance in Sri Lanka.

There are two ways to be an attorney-At- Law in Sri Lanka

  1. Sri Lanka Law College entrance examination
  2. Open University LL.B degree entrance examination
  1. In Law College, you have to spend less than Rs.20000/- a year and less than Rs.60000/- for all the 3 years.
  2. In Open University, for the LL.B degree you have to spend less than Rs. 40000/- a year.

Pramuka Law School is the top leader in training students for Law college entrance examination and LL.B degree entrance examination. Our pass rate in each year is more than 75%.  In 2017 the two positions for Island 1st in Sinhala medium were Pramuka students.  We have three branches; Colombo, Galle and Kandy.

Sajeewa Vimukthi Meegahawaththa

Island 1 st (Sinhala Medium)– 2017 Law College Entrance Exam

Ishara Munasinghe

Island 1 st (Sinhala Medium)– 2017 Law College Entrance Exam